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Can you put Requirements on Christmas?

I feel that to many people do, perhaps to many. If I where to put some on Christmas what would it look like? Just from the top of my head it must include so many things:

The Christmas SHALL be full of happiness, joy, family gatherings, presents, good food, etc., etc.…

First, One cannot put that requirement on the <Object> “The Christmas”. It is just a word, but it means so much to people. They put in their own emotions, expectations and dreams into it. Second, as a requirements guy I can say that you MUST avoid piling attributes to it like I did in my example. But we all tend to do that, right? I can really imagine the failed verification on my requirement. I hope you can to. I need to relax and back off for a while.


Before you continue reading this, do me a favour. Put down what you’re holding (in your hand or your head)—your shopping lists, your third cup of coffee, your assignments, the phone call you should be making—and sit quietly for just 60 seconds. If you’re at work, don’t worry what your colleagues might think—this time of year everyone would love to contemplate, and more often.

Hello? Anyone there? It felt good to escape for a minute, didn’t it? But come back—it’s that time of year again: the modern miracle known as THE HOLLIDAYS, when into the dark little month of December, we squeeze in a lot of celebrations, from school gatherings, office parties and of cause family celebrations. Throw into that mix a generous dose of unrealistic expectations, budget-busting shopping, dysfunctional family feasts, airplane flights, darker days, colder weather, excess eating and drinking, and no wonder that along with “peace on earth”, come seasonal stress, exhaustion and depression.

So, lets rephrase my Christmas requirement:

The Christmas SHALL mean love for my fellow man.

By that expression (or requirement) I mean that people should get along with one another, have good feelings toward one another, and be nice to one another. It is this humanistic interpretation of Christmas that is celebrated in so many Christmas movies we either love or hate.


So by this I wish you all a Merry, Merry Christmas whatever you do and where ever you are. I end thios blog post with a warning example captured in a poem by Tess Gurney:

Cars and bustle, rush and hustle,
trolley dashing tempers clashing
Christmas cheer to much beer
mistletoe, plastic snow
christmas holly ‘lets be jolly’
christmas pud, do you think we should?
Turkey, stuffing, granny puffing,
fairy lights, men in tights
pantomimes, palour games
christmas cake, belly ache
as yet another piece you take!
Boxing day, in-laws stay!
Endless repeats on the telly, and again from your belly!
No more hassle…the odd brussel!
christmas farce….
A pain in the arse!

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